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“As you wish, Tabby,”  Selene smiled.  ”I am Selene, pleasure to meet you” 

"Pleasure is mine, Selene. I … Don’t suppose you could enlighten me as to where I am, could you?"


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//I like the fact that your queue posted this on Topless Tuesday.
//Every day is Topless Tuesday when you’re revival!Emcee ;)

//Ergo, every day is a wonderful day for the rest of us xD


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I’m Loke, god of ruining everything. Who are you?

"Tabitha Campbell, corrector of other people’s mistakes." She replied with a small smile. "I must say, this is an unexpected honour."

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“Greetings ma’am,”  Selene smiled as she studied the woman in front of her. 

"Call me Tabby, please. I’m nowhere near responsible enough to be called ma’am." She smiled.

//I have tea and hob-nobs, I’m a happy mun. To the replies!

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Kitty smiled at the flustered redhead and laughed, reaching a hand out to her shoulder to stabilize her and calm her down a little.

"I’m fine really." she laughed softly, offering her hand to shake.
"I’m Kitty."

She ducked her head a little, chuckling at her own embarrassment. She was tired from too many Jumps in the last few months, and she was coming to realise that it was having an effect on her usually unflappable reactions. “Good, good. I’m in a world of my own all the time, sorry, it’s a miracle I didn’t actually knock you over.” She took the woman’s offered hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you, Kitty. I’m Tabitha. Tabby, to most people.”

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And you are?

"Tabitha Campbell. Same question?"

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“Good day to you, senorita.”

"Buenos días, señor." She smiled a little. "I’m sorry, but … Would you mind telling me where I am?"

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Her transporter was on the fritz again, of that much she was certain. She had no idea where she was, both location and time wise. Looks like she would have to resort to the old fashioned method of discovering those things.

"Hello, sir. I’m sorry, would you mind telling me where I am?"